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NEW this year...Electric Candle Arches (Schwibbogens) wired for 110 voltage. Placed in all the windows of the homes in the villages of the Erzgebirge, they are a welcoming sight, enjoyed from indoors or out and addding old-world charm to the home. The arch shape reminds villagers of this area of the entrances to the mines, from which they gained their livelihood until the 1800's.

From Seiffen, the most famous of the four "toy towns" come various "families" of Smokers, the WeatherVane's most popular items, made by individual workshops. Designed to burn incense, a German custom to bless the hearth at home, each smoking figure represents a German folk character handcrafted in the most charming detail with a quaint personality all its own. From woodsmen, to hunters, to golfers, to Santas, to fire fighters, to ladies with pies, there are smokers to fit most every hobby or occupation!

Also from Seiffen are many workshops which produce Nutcrackers, originally created to spoof authority figures but now available in a wide variety of sports figures, Santa, Gardeners, even Snowmen!


From Grünhainichen, the Weather Vane stocks or can obtain the entire Wendt and Kuhn collection of Santas, children, religious figures and the very familiar trademark white angel with distingishing green wings with eleven white dots which are cherished by collectors around the world. These miniature wood turned figures were all designed by Grete Wendt and Grete Kuhn more than 85 years ago and the workshop is still family-owned. After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the family regained ownership as Grete Wendt's nephew, Hans Wendt, is the company's current owner and director. We import from them directly this year so the prices are lower!

Also from Grünhainichen are the natural, pleated-skirted Blank Angels playing instruments and the charmingly painted Emil Helbig woodcarvings, made with minute detail, in a tiny workshop by 3rd and 4th generation father and daughter. Many new pieces have been produced for this collection.

German Pyramids are one of the oldest European collectibles, featuring charming handcrafted scenes and figures that rotate within the pyramid when the candles are lit. Especially beautiful as a centerpiece on a Christmas table or coffee table, pyramids become heirlooms for many families.

Ornaments and music boxes are two more German Erzgebirge products that the Weather Vane stocks heavily. German music boxes are made of hand crafted wood with Swiss movements that have to be heard to be believed!


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